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The smallest pizza vending machine is your personal chef

Welcome to Pizza boxpresso

Compact, easy to store, and modular, the BoxPresso is a self-service system to expand to new markets and make pizzas available everywhere 24/7!

Hot Pizza in only 5 minutes

Ideal for convenience stores with self-service food options, the BoxPresso intends to revolutionize the pizza industry to make great quality pizzas available 24/7 virtually anywhere (Hotels, residential buildings, small and medium-size companies, and basically in all the indoor places that want to offer a delicious pizza to their guests.

Its budget-friendly cost allow you to create profitable new points of sale in any markets!

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Technical information


Easy set up ( connects to electricity socket )
Delivers a homemade pizza in 4 minutes
OVENBOX re-heating technology
Minimum space (48 x 43 x 31 cm)
Customers can choose between 3 pizzas
Back office system for 24/7 access
Very low consumption of energy
10" touchscreen for pizza ordering

How does it work

When  you lease a pizza24 automat from us , it will be delivered to your business within 8 weeks.

Our technician will come to your place to:
Install the Pizza24 vending
Set up the touchscrenn controller
Make sure that it works as it should be
Make sure everything is ok according all law and safety regulations
Provide you with a 30 minutes training , so you can learn how to use the machine properly and safe 
Explain you how to order pizzas and when are the delivery days
Guide you on checking the routine list
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