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All of our systems are available in customised sizes, while their frame and parts are all coated with electrostatic paint in the colour of your choice (RAL), so that the end result will match the design, style and needs of the intended application

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Elegant and Efficient

3 Benefits of an outdoor glass windscreen

More Light

The problem with most conventional structures is that a great deal of natural light is often blocked off. With glass this isn’t a problem because the transparent glass allows plenty of natural sunlight to flow through it and into the area behind it. This is especially important for us in Norway cause when we finally get some sun we need to make the most of it!

Easy To Clean

If you have a concrete or wooden balustrade, once it gets dirty it becomes very hard to maintain and clean, and if cleaned or rubbed too hard can even damage it. With glass, however, any marks are instantly visible and can be cleaned away with little effort. Some glass cleaner and stainless steel cleaner leaves for easy maintenance.

Super Spacious Areas

Another great benefit of outdoor glass windscrens is that they can open up areas, making them appear more spacious. Concrete or wooden structures can make you feel boxed in with solid walls around you, whereas transparent glass in an outdoor space makes the spaces feel larger than they actually are.

Protection systems of the highest sophistication

Create free and open spaces for yourself – whatever the weather and just as you prefer. Aluminium architecture of the highest sophistication – this is the standard to which Sunblock is committed.

As a producer and supplier of customer-optimized systems, such as high-quality windscreens, large area and mobile wind-protection systems, we create versatile solutions in protecting from sun, wind, and rain, and we turn the out of doors into living and working space and we develop customized  designs of all types for your outdoor event, temporary marketing event, architecture project, or outdoor catering area.

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